I am often asked about what I photograph. I reply with the obvious. I photograph the spaces I see surrounding me in and about Los Angeles and Southern California. I see buildings, freeways, streetlamps, parking lots, storm drains and on and on. I see mountains and coasline, woodlands and desert, and marine air saturated with hazy sunshine. I see untold millions roaring by and milling anonymously all about. It's a good enough answer. It's the easy answer. It's a poor question.

The challenge of photography is that the unavoidable quality of literal representation overshadows figurative content. Artistic purpose lies in deliberate distortion and exaggeration of the literal. Photographic substance is illuminated by questioning purpose. Why photograph?

Why do I photograph? As I see it a camera inverts the artistic process. It projects an external scene inward and captures it. An artist projects an internal scene outward and releases it. Through photography I project my subconcious on my physical surroundings to explore how my surroundings have been projected on my subconscious. When I am successful the image sings to me, it breathes and pulses with vitality.

As an artist I try to convey a sense of self as it is embodied in these spaces. I hope to express both a vibrant energy and a quiet solitude that I often find in my surrroundings and within myself. For me, it is in these familiar places that I find my inspiration.